Britain’s GCHQ agency denies wiretapping Donald Trump

Britain’s communications intelligence agency GCHQ has issued a statement denying it wiretapped Donald Trump during the US presidential campaign. The unusual move by the agency came after White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer cited claims first made on US TV channel Fox News earlier this week. GCHQ responded by saying …

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Donald Trump will NOT get to speak in Parliament after Commons Speaker John Bercow blocks ‘racist and sexist’ US President (but he didn’t have a problem when the President of CHINA was here)

Donald Trump was branded ‘racist and sexist’ as Commons Speaker John Bercow revealed the US President will be barred from making a speech at Westminster Hall on his state visit. In an extraordinary broadside from the Speaker’sCHAIR, he said Mr Trump’s controversial ban on migrants from seven majority Muslim countries had …

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Nigel Farage is sharing his £4million bachelor pad with the foxy French former waitress involved in a dodgy £400,000 EU donation to UKIP – while his German second wife stays at home with the kids

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage is sharing a secret £4 million bachelor pad with an attractive French politician at the centre of a probe into illegal funding of his party. Laure Ferrari, who is 15 years younger than the married Brexit campaigner, moved in with Mr Farage in a grand …

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Trump appeal against Seattle judge’s travel ban ruling

The US justice department has filed a court motion against the suspension of President Trump’s travel ban on people from seven mainly Muslim nations. The move seeks to reverse Friday’s ruling by a federal judge in Washington state. Visa holders from the affected nations have been scrambling to get flights …

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Senator De Lima: Youth of Philippines are Lazy

Filipino senator Leila De Lima has said that youth of the Philippines are lazy. She said this as a response to a question asked her about series of fake reports on her circulating online. According to the senator, the youth do not have any plans of seeking for employment or …

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Duterte Slaps American Journalist Twice Over “Stupid” Question

Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte has slapped an American journalist for asking a question that the person termed as “stupid”. The floor was opened for the media to interact with the Filipino president after he addressed the media and government dignitaries on maritime security issues. The president took time to answer …

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